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EMDR Therapy

A documentary by Steve Gigantino, Karen Alter-Reid and Bonnie Rumilly

EMDR Therapy 

Quietly leading the way in Trauma Therapy 

The purpose of this documentary is to discuss EMDR Therapy in detail from its inception to  current day implementation. This documentary seeks to highlight how EMDR Therapy not only  helps First Responders seeking treatment but how it can potentially help anyone who suffers from any kind of trauma. This trauma could be something that the person experienced in their childhood or in their adult life. This documentary will feature some of the leading experts in the world discussing the science behind EMDR and how they are able to quickly and effective help people who have experienced various types of trauma.


This documentary will go into detail on the discovery of EMDR Therapy by psychologist Francine Shapiro and how the awareness and effectiveness of it has grown since its inception in 1990. This documentary will also discuss the EMDR Therapy mechanism and its appropriate candidates.  The documentary will feature interviews from EMDR Expert Dr. Karen Alter-Reid and members of the Fairfield County Trauma Response Team out of Connecticut. Additional interviews will be conducted with renowned psychologists form around the world who use EMDR therapy to treat their many clients who have experienced various types of trauma and how EMDR can help suffering individuals clear the way for a better, healthier future. 



The Team . . .
Karen Alter-Reid is a clinical psychologist based in Stamford, CT.  She specializes in working with adults presenting with the range of  traumatic stress syndromes,  Dr. Alter-Reid is an EMDR Trainer who trains mental health clinicians in trauma-focused psychotherapy.,  She has presented nationally and internationally on her work with First Responders in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting and the Gulf Coast Hurricanes.  She also writes and presents on the transmission of trans-generational trauma.  Karen is the Co-Clinical Coordinator of the Fairfield County Trauma Response Team since 2011 where she oversees presentations and treatment of first responders.
Bonnie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has a private practice in Wilton. She specializes in the treatment of Adults, Adolescents, Children and First Responders. Bonnie worked in Newtown at a comprehensive family service agency for 4.5 years directly after the Sandy Hook School Shootings treating Trauma. Bonnie has had extensive training in EMDR therapy, along with other trauma treatment modalities, and is a Board Member of the Fairfield County Trauma Response Team, Inc. Bonnie is well versed in First Responder cultures as she has been a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician in CT for 21 years and is currently in a leadership role at her EMS agency. 
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